DJI Inspire 1 Aircraft

This advanced design transforming quad copter is powerful, lightweight, and flexible. It is engineered for advanced flight, efficiency, and reliability, making it ideal for aerial filmmaking. The aerodynamic, transforming carbon fiber arms move up and out of the cameras field of view allowing a 360 degree unobstructed view. Backed by years of research and engineering, DJI's advanced gimbal provides super smooth, stable footage in most any flight conditions.

X3 Aerial Camera

The latest 20mm focal length X3 Camera by DJI gives us the ability to shoot in 4K Ultra HD. Aerial videos have never looked better. The new 9-layer lens with an aspherical element delivers extreme clarity, eliminates distortion, and shoots remarkably wide angles without the need for software correction. With this incredible compact camera, we can shoot video at 4Kp30 or 1080p60 and snap amazingly crisp 12 megapixel still images.

4K Video

9 Element

12 Million

Adobe DNG

Wireless Transmitter For Inspire 1 Quadcopter

Our handheld radio controllers are used to operate the aircraft as well as control the camera gimbal. The remote controller combines sophisticated technology with the ability to add a second operator. Dual operator support allows for independent flight and camera control. Plus, the DJI Lightbridge HD video downlink is integrated directly into the remote. This gives the pilot a superior advantage of a live first person view of exactly what the camera sees and extends the range to over 3 miles.